Operation Dominic

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Dennis Hager:

A few personnel claimed to have experienced some strange effects during Operation Dominic (1962). According to a PN (Personnelman) who reported aboard after the Operation some of the crew who were on-board at the time said they were on deck and told to put their arms over their eyes.  Doing that, they could see the blood flow and the bones in their arms. This is similar to the report of an individual who was on Johnston Island at the time who reported seeing the bones in his hands even while wearing the dark goggles.  However an officer who was on the bridge of the Jerome County at the time said that when the missile exploded almost all the crew was inside and not on deck.  Anyone on deck was provided dark glasses and told not to take them off. He wore a detection device to measure radiation exposure but nothing above normal was noted. The government kept a list of the crew and contacted crew members over the years to make sure nothing unusual happened health-wise.