Inland Water Service List

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Dennis Hager:

The process of getting a ship onto the Inland Water Service list is a matter of providing the proper documentation. In the case of the JEROME COUNTY LST-848, this ship and all crew
are already authorized for full presumption of exposure to herbicides for all time periods. You can find this under the listing of “Ships operating primarily or exclusively on Vietnam’s inland waterways”. Under that provision, “All vessels with the designation LST [Landing Ship, Tank].”
You can find this latest listing on the Blue Water Navy Association web site at <>. You will find this information at the top of the second page of the release. This means that once an individual can show they were assigned to that vessel, their claim should be processed immediately with no further development required.
I hope this information is useful to you and your crew,
John Rossie, Executive Director
Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association