Agent Orange

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Michael Giberson:

Thanks, but I found a copy of the letter in some of the stuff I downloaded off your computer.  The question is moot, however, in light of the link provided by Dennis Hager to documentation that declares, as of January 6, 2011, all LSTs in Vietnam are presumptively in-country units, and the crews stationed on them during their Vietnam deployments are “eligible for presumption for agent orange herbicide exposure based on operations of the veterans’ ship.”  (see ).  Thus, members of the ship’s company of the Jerome County need only obtain and submit their service records with their VA claims to prove they were aboard the JC, instead of having to go through two years of hell like Dave Crowell did when he was forced to compile documentation that he actually set foot on land in Vietnam.  However, having said that, a crew member may find that his service record may be missing or incomplete (there was a huge fire in 1970 that destroyed vast numbers of the records of discharged veterans), in which case the veteran must compile and submit what evidence he may have, in the form of photos, ship’s documents, personal letters and written testimonials from fellow crew members, to establish his eligibility.  A case in point is the photo of the beach party in Cam Ranh Bay in 1966 that Dennis sent me, which clearly establishes the presence of Drew Finley and me and other members of the crew in-country.  Other examples of documentation include Captain Fischer’s Xmas letter and the diary entry of Col. Richard Parks I sent to you earlier in the week.  Everybody should retain every document, letter, and photo in their possession to help obtain a favorable ruling on their VA claims.