Web Pages & Links

The following is a list of web pages which we think shipmates will find either informative or interesting as they search for shipmates with whom they served on the Jerome County or attempt to learn more about its history.

1) A web development company  owned and operated by (my brother-in-law) Mike Jarvis who very generously has donated his considerable talent and energy while designing our web site, and who has also donated the space on his company’s server where our site is housed. Should anyone need or know someone who needs web design services, please mention this site.

2) This site offers free membership and contains an extensive listing of ships, submarines, and air squadrons with personnel rosters for 8700 units. This is a great site to look for shipmates and will also list units that are having reunions.

3) This site offers free membership and helps to “connect service members, military families, and veterans to all the benefits of service government benefits, scholarships, discounts, life long friends, mentors and great stories of military life or missions.”

4) This is the web site for the national LST Association for which there is an annual fee to be a member. A good site for connecting with LST shipmates. They conduct an annual reunion ( this year in Newport, RI in Sep) and supply contacts for 18 separate state LST Associations. They publish numerous articles of interest to shipmates as well as a monthly newsletter entitled “Scuttlebutt”.

5) This is the web site for the Mobile Riverine Force Association. Has a great collection of articles, photos, and histories for the units that served in the “Brown Water Navy” in the Mekong Delta area as well as the rivers that were located anywhere from the DMZ to the Cambodian border.

6) This web site contains a fantastic collection of histories, specifications, and photographs of just about any type of Navy ship that I could think of including the Jerome County. It is the source of the great photo of the Jerome entering San Francisco harbor in February 1946 after serving about 9 months in the Pacific.

7) This is a commercial site offering an extensive collection of DVD’s covering all of the Armed Services during the period from WW II through Vietnam. I purchased “LST’s in the Pacific” with the hopes of spotting the Jerome and while several 800 numbered “T’s” appeared in the period covering the invasion of Okinawa, no such luck with regards to the Jerome. They have a title “LST Operations in Vietnam” which I have not seen yet so perhaps the Jerome appears in that one.

8) This web site is the official home site for the LST 325 which served in many campaigns in the Mediterranean during WWII. The LST 325 is currently homeported in Evansville, IN where it serves both as a museum as well as a fully functioning LST offering cruises on the Ohio river during the summer. Their “shop” offers an incredible collection of memorabilia for not only the LST 325 in particular but for LSTs in general. We think you’ll find their collection of books and DVD’s about LSTs during WWII very interesting.


Using both movies and photographs from a variety of shipmates, we have produced several DVD’s which are available to shipmates at no charge.

The first DVD which we have entitled “The Fighting 004 Jerome” is a compilation of movies and photographs covering the time period from early 1964 through 1968. The second DVD is entitled “Jerome County Shipmate Photographs” and is a collection of photographs from various shipmates covering the same time period.

A third DVD entitled “Jerome County Reunion” contains movies and photographs from a reunion that was hosted by Dennis Hager at his home in Huntington, MD. Activities included a tailgating party at the Naval Academy vs Delaware football game; a barbeque; a crab feast; and a pig roast. Nine shipmates were able attend where lots of laughs and lots of food were on the Plan of the Day.