About Us

The USS Jerome County LST 848 web site has been created so that shipmates who served aboard the USS Jerome County during its time in service with the US Navy from 1944 through 1970 (with time in the Reserve Fleet 1946 to 1959) would have our own dedicated web site through which we can establish contact with one another and can share written and photographic memories with one another. We also hope that this site can be a vehicle through which we shipmates can offer assistance to one another with health issues and the best way to deal with these issues by utilizing the assistance offered by the VA and other such veteran related organizations.

The goal of this site is to facilitate contact between shipmates and this will be done with the protection of each individual’s privacy to the utmost of our ability.

Should you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or material that you would like to share with your fellow shipmates, please feel free to contact me at stierney2202@yahoo.com.

Sean Tierney